The Radius Team

Production Team

The Production team thrives on establishing long-term relationships with clients, vendors and banks, so we can anticipate your dealership needs in advance. We pride ourselves on being able to turn jobs on a dime with zero mistakes, so you’ll be making money in time. The many years of partnership with our vendors allows us to process your job with care, efficiency, speed and precision!

Devoted to your Dealership’s growth, now and forever. Our Production team has over 31 years of experience in Automotive and Direct Mail business.

Production Coordinator

Sales Representatives

We understand your business needs and are committed to working alongside you so your dealership WILL DEFINITELY become more profitable. By handling all the upfront and follow up work, it allows you just to focus on the customer and the close. Many people on our sales team have prior work experience at dealerships and in the automotive industry. Each representative is specially trained to help you exceed all of your marketing needs.

Being able to help GM’s achieve their stair steps and then some is why I keep retaining happy clients! Knowing that our qualified buyers helped your dealership sell more cars drives me to continue our partnership every month.

National Account Manager

When it comes to credit challenged customers and the secondary market, our sales team are the experts. They are all well versed in this space and are excited to show you how our marketing programs will target the perfect buy for your dealership. One of our main goals is to not only to build a successful partnership but a long lasting professional relationship with your dealership. Our lines of communication are always open no matter what time it is. From the first phone call to the last, we will be dedicated to continually send you qualified car buyers that you can close!

Marketing and Advertising

We know digital marketing and advertising is much more than a simple image with some tag lines and we pride ourselves on being at the bleeding edge of our industry. The market is very competitive and getting tougher every day, which is why constantly test, tune and analyze the effectiveness of every client campaign.

Our Clients have goals to hit, so we start early and end late to make sure every client exceeds their targets. As soon as a new dealer partners with Radius, the marketing team flies into action and begins the onboarding process. We analyze your market and locate the perfect buyers before they start shopping. Then our Digital Marketing Specialists take care of every running social and digital ad across all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo and some of the most downloaded APPs. Due to those efforts we know how to maximize impressions and interactions on our ads, which generate positive conversations for you. Once the campaign starts to heat up, we send out targeted email messages to further drive interest.

We critique every letter sent and tweak the message for your individual market. Throughout our entire partnership, you can count on us to do the hard work analyzing, executing and fine-tuning your campaigns so you can focus on what you do best, greeting legitimate buyers at your dealership!

From our data collection, we have calculated an appointment set, shown and sold ratio, which helps us target the perfect buyers in your market. Our ads will then be strategically placed in front of the car buyers you want across all social and search platforms.

Digital Media Coordinator

Business Development Center (BDC)

Here at Radius Marketing Group, we promise our clients 100% customer contact for 365 days a year! Our talented, experienced and highly trained Business Development Representatives work 7 days a week to ensure maximum results and even follow up after customer’s have purchased! Our ultimate goal is to connect car buyers with the right dealers!

Business Development Center Manager

Our Business Development Center is dedicated to reaching out to every buyer that showed interest in our program for 365 days. Yes, you read that correctly. From the first time a customer is entered into our CRM system, our highly trained BDC representatives will call them for an entire year until they have set an appointment at your dealership and they were able to purchase a vehicle.

Our main goal is to set as many appointments for your dealership as possible. The more appointments they set, the more opportunity you have to sell more cars! Since each rep is very knowledgeable of all products and programs, they are able to give your customers all of the correct information as well as confidence to reassure that they really can buy a car! We love to hear, “I never thought I could get a new car, but you guys made it so easy…”

"What a great month, haven’t seen the final numbers yet but definitely the “Best Month” in years."

Tim Burns - Roger Beasley Mitsubishi South

"The Radius marketing program continues to provide a steady flow of “Motivated Car Buyers” throughout each month!"

Brian Brooks - Ray Skillman Mazda

"The biggest difference with Radius is their BDC actually makes qualified appointments. The customers that come on appointments that Radius sends to us are here to buy a vehicle. That is why I will continue to re-sign with them, they are the only company that I have worked with so far that actually does what they say they will do."

Matt Evans - Lee Ford Lincoln

"We have used the Buy Back Program with Radius for a few months now. We have had great success with it. Radius has already done the work and set the customers appointment. They come in with positive equity with the Buy Back Program and are ready to make a decision to buy a car today. It has been great!"

Ryan Lafoon - Boyd Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of South Hill, Virginia

"We have been using Radius for a few months now. Everything has been going exactly as promised. Shortly after signing up, people started showing up at the dealership, stips in hand ready to buy. I recommend using Radius."

Zack Hansen - Modern Classic Motors

"This market doesn’t get good returns from mailers, but I tried it with Radius because of the social media aspect. It worked – $47,000 profit in March. We had even better results the third month running and have been a customer ever since."

Chris Allender - Southern Chevrolet

"Radius does a great job for us. Their Business Development Center stays in touch with all the customers, sets our appointments, gets everything structured and ready. Our sales rep is awesome. We have delivered a lot of cars, made a lot of money and had a lot of fun!"

Jan Jackson - Community Chevrolet

"We have been using Radius for months, they send customers ready to buy with all their paperwork in hand. We keep using them because the ROI makes sense. We sell lots of cars and so will you!"

Adrian Williams - Red River Ford Lincoln

"The product and services that I receive from Radius Marketing Group has been a service that has over exceeded its expectations. It has taken the man power out of my daily work and has given me more time to execute loans and produce more deliveries every month. For 3 or 4 years now, I have had a terrific relationship with Jeremy Rettig and Radius Marketing Group. I have plans to expand to other markets in the near future."

Steve Cervin - Sellers Buick GMC

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