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In-House BDC

Our BDC is open seven days a week 8:30am to 11pm to make sure every customer makes it to your dealership. By having 60% percent bi-lingual reps, there will never be a language barrier. BDC reps contact customers within minutes of completing a web application and take live call-ins. Our team makes 2 – 3 attempts per day 7 days a week until we make contact with your customers to screen them, verify they are ready to buy and schedule a personal appointment with your management team. Where others may cherry pick or stop after a couple attempts, we make 20 attempts per customer in the days after they respond to get every customer to your dealership.

Since we ONLY work in the credit challenged market, our team uses a consistent message on every call that matches the social, digital and traditional marketing the customer already trusts. Our team is the best in the industry – we get customers off the couch and exclusively to your showroom, with “stips” in hand, prepared to purchase immediately!

Do you ever wonder what happened to that customer who responded to buy a car but never ended up showing? We don’t. Here at Radius, we track every customer that responds in our CRM for a whole year! Even after a their personal appointment at your dealership, our BDC will verify they showed and ask them about their experience.

Thomas S.

Business Development Center Representative

Radius CRM

Our proprietary Customer Relations Management (CRM) system caters specifically to credit challenged customers who are looking to buy a car. After you partner with Radius, you will have your own personal access to the CRM showing your potential sales. You can also communicate directly with our in-house Business Development team, so we never let any customers slip through the cracks. We can also track responses, shows, deliveries and total ROI for every campaign.

"What a great month, haven’t seen the final numbers yet but definitely the “Best Month” in years."

Tim Burns - Roger Beasley Mitsubishi South

"The Radius marketing program continues to provide a steady flow of “Motivated Car Buyers” throughout each month!"

Brian Brooks - Ray Skillman Mazda

"The biggest difference with Radius is their BDC actually makes qualified appointments. The customers that come on appointments that Radius sends to us are here to buy a vehicle. That is why I will continue to re-sign with them, they are the only company that I have worked with so far that actually does what they say they will do."

Matt Evans - Lee Ford Lincoln

"We have used the Buy Back Program with Radius for a few months now. We have had great success with it. Radius has already done the work and set the customers appointment. They come in with positive equity with the Buy Back Program and are ready to make a decision to buy a car today. It has been great!"

Ryan Lafoon - Boyd Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of South Hill, Virginia

"We have been using Radius for a few months now. Everything has been going exactly as promised. Shortly after signing up, people started showing up at the dealership, stips in hand ready to buy. I recommend using Radius."

Zack Hansen - Modern Classic Motors

"This market doesn’t get good returns from mailers, but I tried it with Radius because of the social media aspect. It worked – $47,000 profit in March. We had even better results the third month running and have been a customer ever since."

Chris Allender - Southern Chevrolet

"Radius does a great job for us. Their Business Development Center stays in touch with all the customers, sets our appointments, gets everything structured and ready. Our sales rep is awesome. We have delivered a lot of cars, made a lot of money and had a lot of fun!"

Jan Jackson - Community Chevrolet

"We have been using Radius for months, they send customers ready to buy with all their paperwork in hand. We keep using them because the ROI makes sense. We sell lots of cars and so will you!"

Adrian Williams - Red River Ford Lincoln

"The product and services that I receive from Radius Marketing Group has been a service that has over exceeded its expectations. It has taken the man power out of my daily work and has given me more time to execute loans and produce more deliveries every month. For 3 or 4 years now, I have had a terrific relationship with Jeremy Rettig and Radius Marketing Group. I have plans to expand to other markets in the near future."

Steve Cervin - Sellers Buick GMC

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